Nina Strickland

Nina Strickland

Office Administrator/Chief Financial Officer

The unique level of service and attention that clients receive at Executive Benefits of America, Inc., is largely the result of Nina Strickland’s superlative attention to detail and sincere concern for others. Nina draws on her broad business background and extensive organizational skills in her role as Office Administrator and Chief Financial Officer. As a self-described numbers person, she’s never bored by the accounting side of things; however, client relationships and staff development bring her the greatest satisfaction because she is able to help people reach their personal and professional goals.

Nina goes above and beyond in all that she does, as illustrated by the client experience at Executive Benefits of America, Inc. The difference is in the details: from ensuring coffee and homemade baked goods are on hand at client meetings to orchestrating purely educational events held in exceptional settings, Nina takes intentional actions that foster strong relationships. Connections formed with clients are strong, deep, and genuine, and over the years many clients have become like family.

And family is a significant driver in Nina’s life. Growing up, she spent time with siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles and other extended family. Today, as a parent of adult children, including a daughter who has special needs, Nina is keenly aware of the importance of planning for the future in order to take care of the people you love.

Nina’s personal mission is to live each day to the fullest; and the advice she shares—and lives by—is to fill each day with the people you love. A graduate of California University of Pennsylvania, Nina has worked with her husband, Mike, since 2001. Outside the office, Nina enjoys ancestry searching, sewing T-shirt quilts for family and friends, and boating. Sunday dinner with family is a top priority—as is supporting all Tennessee Vols sports.