Mike Strickland, Registered Financial Consultant

Mike Strickland, Registered Financial Consultant

Principal/Senior Advisor/Financial Coach

When you meet Mike Strickland, you’ll quickly realize that this conversation could be life changing. Many people simply talk about trust, but for Mike, trust is the cornerstone of every relationship. With a warm demeanor that immediately puts you at ease, you’ll find yourself engaged in lively conversation, answering questions that challenge you to think. Mike does more than think “outside the box” – he breaks free from old methodologies to map unique solutions for his clients.

For more than 40 years, after graduating from Lambuth University (University of Memphis), Mike has been deeply involved in the financial services industry. He has gained extensive advanced training in a range of tax saving concepts, including tax efficient, tax deferred, and tax-free strategies to help individuals and business owners efficiently use money to solve income and estate planning goals. A business owner himself for more than 34 years, he understands the challenges faced by executives and proprietors.

Mike’s passion for education shapes his interactions with clients and leads him to be a mentor and tutor who raises up others to help them reach their full potential. As an advisor, Mike puts education first by ensuring that clients thoroughly understand all aspects of any solutions he designs for them before any part of the plan is put into action. He shares his extensive tax knowledge as a continuing education instructor, helping CPAs throughout the country to improve their knowledge of tax saving strategies. The unifying thread through all that Mike does—his drive for greater tax efficiency and accomplishment of financial goals--is his compassion and abiding interest in helping people provide for their vulnerable loved ones.

Relationships are the heart and soul of Mike’s work, and he only moves forward to take on a client when that foundational compatibility and trust exist. He believes humor is good for the soul and takes time to appreciate life—time spent with family and the tranquility of his back porch. Mike and his wife, Nina, and their daughter who has special needs, live in Knoxville. To say Mike is an avid Vols fan is a huge understatement; whether you know it or not, he’s always wearing something orange.